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About Trilto Chikoo

Trilto Chikoo is a handheld billing solution that functions like your mobile phone. Easy and Fast.

Manage Remotely

Manage your chain of stores remotely and in real-time

Intelligent dashboard

Actionable dashboard which helps in decision making and is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Accepts all payments

Accepts all types of Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and UPI payments without any additional cost.

Works Offline

Generates bill offline and automatically syncs when online.

Stock Alert

Manage your inventory in real-time with Expiry alert, Minimum Stock Alert, and Dead Stock Alerts.

Innovative Loyalty Programs

Keep track of your customers and offer them discount coupons and points

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Superfast Retail GST Billing App

Basic Inventory Tools

Unlimited Items

Accept all Cards and UPI Payments*

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Priority support. Cloud Access

Trilto Chikoo Device


Priority support. Cloud Access

5″ touch screen with Inbuilt 2″ printer

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Easy Billing

Fastest, easiest, and most accurate GST Billing Application

Payment Reconciliation

Automatically reconciles payment from different payment service providers.

Bill Printing

Attach a Bluetooth printer with the mobile or use our Chikoo Handheld device for billing.

Credit ka Hisab Kitab

Send gentle reminders with a remote pay link to collect outstanding payments on time.

GST Filing

Generate all relevant GST reports with GSTR 1, GSTR 2, and GSTR 3B.

Track Expense

Put a budget on expenses and Chikoo will guide you to control costs.

Why Choose Us

SMS or WhatsApp the bills to your customers.

Get business loans based on your transaction history.

Have real-time information about everything in your business.

Online support to help you anytime.

For Every Business

Grocery & General Store

Sweet Shops & Bakery

Fruits & Vegetables

Salon and Beauty Parlours

Van Sales


Electric & Electronics showrooms

Juice and Ice-cream parlours

Clothing and apparel stores


How can I Use Trilto-Chikoo POS?

Please download the Trilto Chikoo POS from the link (mention the link). Watch the video (link to be provided here) to install and start using Trilto Chikoo.

How about support?

Please call our Support Number +91-6364359971 to help you with Trilto Chikoo related questions.

What about a warranty?

The device is covered with 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

It is very unlikely, but if you change your mind and don’t want to use the product within 30 days of purchase, you shall get a complete refund of your money, no questions asked.

How can I share my friend’s reference, who also wants to buy the product?

We know, once your friends see how simple it is to do GST billing in Trilto-Chikoo, they would love to have one. Please Whatsapp your friend’s number at 6360677001. You shall get a cashback of Rs. 500.00 and your friend will get a Rs. 500.00 discount on his purchase.

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